What differentiates Macs/Apple from the rest of the pack?

Having used macbooks, here is what I think differentiates Macs/Apple from the rest of the pack.

  • While coolness matters, usability matters even more. No matter what, Macs (I’m not talking about IPhones) don’t compromise on usability. They are ground up designed to be really usable out of the box. A good example from a few years ago is the wireless network connectivity support on Mac vs Windows vs Linux. It is not the number of features that matter but the number of useful and simply usable features that matter.
  • Apple is brutal in keeping the end users (not developers) at ease. They rapidly change the hardware on Macs and then they change the OS and APIs to leverage these hardware changes. They even kill product lines. Look at the predecessors of macbook and macbook pro. I wouldn’t be surprised if either macbook and macbook pro is killed. Amidst all this, they hardly change the user experience.
  • Simplicity is key. IPod vs any other mobile media player. What developer solution should one embrace to develop on Mac? Well, it would be XCode+Cocoa and it is free.
  • The message from Apple is consistent across platforms, software stacks, features, and APIs.

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