Typesetting a document in ACM style for Arxiv

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Here’s my experience typesetting a document that used minted package and acmart document class in latex to submit to arxiv.org.

This is the preamble from my document that was successfully processed by arxiv processing system to yield a PDF document that looks very similar to the PDF document generated on my laptop.

Here are the reasons for various tweaks in the preamble.

Tweak 1: Compiling the document without snippet %1 using 2016 Tex distribution will lead to the following failure.

This is a known issue.

With 2017 Tex distribution [pdfTeX 3.14159265–2.6–1.40.18 (TeX Live 2017], snippet %1 is not required to address this issue.

Tweak 2: Compiling the document using pdflatex without [draft=true] option in line %2 will lead to the following failure.

This issue can be fixed by invoking pdflatex with -shell-escape option. However, this option cannot be specified in arxiv processing system.

Tweak 3: Compiling without lines %3 will result in overhanging URLs. While the documentation says specifying either breaklinks=true or \usepackage{breakurl} will suffice, both are needed to avoid URL overhangs in arxiv processing system.

Tweak 4: Compiling without line %4 will result in overhanging text.

Tweak 5: Compiling the document with line %5 will lead to the following failure.

The reason is that arxiv processing system will automatically load hyperref package while processing documents and hyperref package fails when loaded multiple times.

While submitting the document to arxiv, submitting an additional file named 00README.XXX with nohypertex as its content will address this failure because nohypertex will instruct arxiv processing system to not automatically load hyperref package.

During this effort, the arxiv help team was very responsive and helpful while I waded thru these issues.


05/03/2018: Placing \pdfoutput=1 in the first five lines of the main tex file will force arxiv to use pdflatex to process the manuscript.

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