Highlights from “Unfu*k Yourself”

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I picked up this book while picking non-technical books to read over last winter break. The book tackles the analysis-paralysis problem presented as a how-to-improve-your-life recommendations. The author uses a light and jaunty writing style and leans on anecdotes, mantras, quotes, and life experiences to get his points across. This makes the book an easy and quick read. As for content, it can seem like the all to common self improvement spiel or a entertaining kick in the butt; it really depends on the reader.

I liked the writing style, the viewpoints (or assertions), and the quotes mentioned in the book. While I can quote the assertions here, they will seem shallow and out of context. For them, I suggest you read the book. As for the quotes, here are a few that I liked.

  1. If you’re willing to put up with your situation, then whether you like it or not, that is the life you have chosen.

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