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I randomly picked up Think Wrong while reading Evil Plans and Laws of Subtraction. Unlike the other two books that present a view or an approach, this book presents a set of mindset to think wrong along with drills (for individuals and teams) to get into a mindset. In addition, author describe a real-world example in which the mindset and drills helped.

The mindsets can be summarized as follows.

  1. Be bold

From the description of the mindsets and the drills, here are some interesting bits.

  1. Embrace your inner teen.

The book is an easy read as I doubt anyone will perform the drills while reading the book. I suspect readers will go back to the book at a later time for the drills when one needs to switch gear. While the book seems to provide general advice (mindsets), the drills are the real value.

One last bit, the layout of the book is very interesting and appealing (in a certain way). It is very visual with lots of pictures and interesting graphics.

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