Highlights from “Rules to Break”

Here are few bits that caught my attention in “Rules to Break” by Richard Templar.

  1. Think. That’s the message. Question everything you’ve been taught, and don’t live by other people’s rules until you’ve considered whether you agree with them.
  2. The only way to determine what makes for success is to establish what will make you content with your life. Success is what you say it is.
  3. We have a daft tendency to take for granted the things we have , and just focus on what we lack.
  4. Don’t expect your parent to be perfect.
  5. Your siblings should be your best friends for life.
  6. Make your request, state the facts, keep it unemotional, and be prepared to take no for an answer.
  7. The only sure way to navigate through life is to have your own compass. You need your own clear values and principles regardless of what other people say.
  8. Learn to enjoy the achievement without the need for other people’s endorsement.
  9. It’s far more interesting to spend some of your time with people who are very different from you.
  10. Your friends don’t all need to be like you.
  11. Everything worth having hurts.
  12. Where you come from is part of you. Be proud of your roots.
  13. Remember, you have a choice.
  14. Life’s all about little things.
  15. Everyone has a backstory.
  16. It’s not all about you.
  17. Your body is for life.
  18. Just make it normal to let your closest friends and family know how much you appreciate, value or love them. Don’t take anyone for granted.
  19. Accept your shortcomings.
  20. You leave off all the things that you’re going to push aside when the crunch comes.
  21. Bide your time to make a good impression.
  22. Don’t mistake your career for your life.
  23. Stop expecting life to be fair.
  24. That’s when you can start to call yourself an expert — when you can grasp the extent of your ignorance.
  25. Ask for what you want.

If you wondering why I write these up, then it a way to store away my highlights/notes :)

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