Highlights from “Reinvent Yourself”

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As I was impressed by both Choose Yourself and Power of No by James Altucher, I picked up this book and I was relieved that it was largely like Choose Yourself.

The book is written in a no nonsense in-your-face style, which I enjoy. It almost reads like “what I learned from person X” where X ranges from Snoop Dogg to Mark Cuban to Einstein. Instead of just talking about the achievement by X or certain aspect of X, it provides views of what enabled the achievement by X or created a specific aspect of X. It was fun to read and learn about these views. More over, the writing is peppered with lots of pithy quotes, which at times seem banal but they aren’t cos’ interpretation lies in the mind of the reader :)

Here are few bits that I liked in the book.

  1. You’re going to make mistakes, but 80% is always good enough. Keep learning the next thing.

If you have read and liked Choose Yourself, then you will like this. So, read it. If you haven’t read Choose Yourself, then read this and you will most likely pick up Choose Yourself ;)

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