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  • Data Science London

    Data Science London

    Data Science. Data Scientists. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Deep Learning. Data. Hacks. Data Junkies. Startups. Open Data

  • Google


    News and updates from Google

  • Steve Yegge

    Steve Yegge

    Steve Yegge is ex-Geoworks, ex-Amazon, ex-Google, and ex-Grab, with nearly 30 years of tech industry experience. Nowadays he’s pretty much retired.

  • Greg Satell

    Greg Satell

    Bestselling Author of Cascades and Mapping Innovation, @HBR Contributor, - Learn more at www.GregSatell.com — note: I use Amazon Affiliate links for books.

  • Carlos E. Perez

    Carlos E. Perez

    Author of Artificial Intuition and the Deep Learning Playbook — http://linkedin.com/in/ceperez https://twitter.com/IntuitMachine

  • Haseeb Qureshi

    Haseeb Qureshi

    Investor at Dragonfly Capital. Formerly Metastable, @Airbnb, @earndotcom. Writer. Effective Altruist. Former poker pro. One always finds one's burden again.

  • Andy Zaidman

    Andy Zaidman

    Associate professor @tudelft. All about software engineering @serg_delft. Software tester. Software evolutionist. Researcher. Teacher. Storyteller.

  • Mike Spaner

    Mike Spaner

    Aspiring... data science, machine learning, data mining, R, python, and pydata. I organize the New Haven Data Science Meetup.

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