Donts and Dos in Conversations (and Interactions)

  1. Don’t equate modesty with lack of expertise.
  2. Don’t equate chattiness with expertise.
  3. Don’t equate silence with lack of leadership.
  4. Don’t equate loudness with leadership.
  5. Don’t equate directness with rudeness.
  6. Don’t equate questions with insubordination.
  7. Don’t equate questions with disagreement.
  8. Don’t equate politeness with agreement.
  9. Don’t be a time hog.
  10. Don’t wing it. Be prepared.
  11. Be considerate.
  12. Don’t be submissive.
  13. Don’t be domineering.
  14. Don’t jump to conclusion. Instead, seek clarification.
  15. Have a conversation — listen, reason, speak, repeat.
  16. Don’t interrupt when the other person is speaking.

That’s it for now :)

Programming, experimenting, writing | Past: SWE, Researcher, Professor | Present: SWE

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