Thoughts on why+how container technology influenced software development


  1. Containers serve as commonly agreed upon deployment units between Dev teams and Ops teams, and this eliminates the possibility of missing artifacts when a Dev team hands over a program to the Ops team for deployment.
  2. Containers allow Dev teams to package any software required by the deployed program, and this eliminates the need to provide a list of required software to the Ops team when providing the program for deployment.
  3. Containers allow Dev teams to test the deployment of programs independent of the Ops team and the actual deployment environment.
  4. Containers allow Dev teams to test the program as…

  1. If it has become cheaper to produced a new invention, this suggests that we are using our information wisely and are forging it into knowledge. If it is becoming more expensive, this suggests that we are seeing signals in the noise and wasting our time on false leads.
  2. Data-driven predictions can succeed — and they can fail. It is when we deny our role in the process that the odds of failure rise. Before we demand more of our data, we need to demand more of ourselves.
  3. In…

Computing Julia Set

Truly hiding implementation details

interface Ledger {
fun getValue(i: Int): Int?
class LedgerImpl: Ledger {
val container = HashMap<Int, Int>()
override fun getValue(i: Int) = container.get(i) …

Thundering Web Requests: Part 6

Observations based on Minimum Time per Requests

Thundering Web Requests: Part 5


Benchmarking Tools

Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath

Programming, experimenting, writing | Past: SWE, Researcher, Professor | Present: SWE

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