These books cover design trade-offs to consider when scaling systems, the cost and benefits of each design choice, and how current technologies embrace and influence these design choices. They do so while being focused on practice.

Books 1 and 2 are more high-level and cover aspects relevant when designing and…

Thoughts on why+how container technology influenced software development


  1. Containers serve as commonly agreed upon deployment units between Dev teams and Ops teams, and this eliminates the possibility of missing artifacts when a Dev team hands over a program to the Ops team for deployment.
  2. Containers allow Dev teams to package any software required by the deployed program, and…

Truly hiding implementation details

In object-oriented languages like Java, C#, or Kotlin, given a type T, an associated view type TView is used to expose a specific view (parts) of an object of type T. This helps hide implementation details.

For example, in the following Kotlin example, Ledger interface is used to provide access…

Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath

Interests: software, computing, productivity, reliability, performance, scale | Now: SWE | Past: Researcher, Professor | Opinions: mine

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